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Behavioral Health Crisis Center
601 West 11th Avenue
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The RISE program utilizes a collaborative care model that relies on a team consisting of licensed mental health professionals, Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialists (CARES), and medical providers.  Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) provides specific interventions for reducing and/or eliminating the use of illicit opioids, alcohol, and other drugs of abuse; while developing the individuals social support network and necessary lifestyle changes; psychoeducational skills; pre-vocational skills leading to work activity by reducing substance use as a barrier to employment; social and interpersonal skills; improved family functioning; the understanding of addictive disease; and the continued commitment to a recovery and maintenance program. MAT is a multi-faceted approach treatment service for adults who require structure and support to achieve and maintain recovery from Opioid Use Disorder and/or Alcohol Use Disorder.

For more Information:
Contact the RISE Clinic at (229) 352-8115