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Developmental Disabilities

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Behavioral Health Crisis Center
601 West 11th Avenue
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Developmental Disability Services

Developmental disability services are provided based on the needs and desires of the participant. Participants are actively involved in developing their support plan to ensure the services provided are person centered. The ultimate goal is to provide services and supports that allow each individual to live successfully in the community. Participants may choose to receive services from the Day Program, the Residential Program or both.

Referrals for services are processed thorough the DBHDD Region IV office in Thomasville. The contact is 1-877-683-8557.

Developmental disability services offer a comprehensive program which serves citizens in our eight county area.

Service Centers:

Dougherty County
1120 W. Broad Ave.
Albany, GA

Calhoun, Early and Miller counties
DD Service Center
218 Damascus St.

Blakely, GA


Terrell, Lee and Calhoun counties
T&L Industries
508 Oak St.
Dawson, GA

Services Include:

Pre-Vocational Services

Aimed at developing work readiness at whatever level matches the individual’s capabilities, Aspire teaches promptness, social skills, communication skills, and other work-related skills.

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Supported Employment

Once engaged in “work,” indivduals are provided the level of support needed to ensure successful outcomes on the job. For some this may look like checking in with their supervisor intermittently throughout the month; but, for others, needed support may be hand-over-hand assistance throughout the time the individual is in the workplace.

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Community Residential Alternatives

Aspire provides residential placement and services for clients whose support needs require 24/7 supervision and watchful oversight.

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Community Access

Aspire provides both one-on-one and group opportunities for individuals to identify, use, extend, and sustain resources, connections, and relationships in the community which are naturally occurring, based on clients’ facilitated community engagement and integration.

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Community Living Skills

While clients reside in their own or their parents’/families’ homes, we provide skill building opportunities via modeling, repetition, practice opportunities, or other teaching methods to ensure that individuals’ basic and higher-level needs are met. Toward that end, hygiene, grooming, cooking, cleaning, clothing care, orientation and mobility, communication, and social skill-building are addressed, as needed and appropriate.

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Family Support

Funded by the state of Georgia, Aspire provides specialized medical equipment and supplies, environmental modifications for individual access, and assistive technology through our Family Support Services approval process.

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