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!MPACT also known as Intensive Customized Care Coordination Program (IC3) is a program of Aspire Youth and Young Adult services and is operated by Aspire Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. It is designed to provide High-Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) services to youth (ages 5-20) and their families, who are struggling functionally. HFW is an ecologically based process building on the collective actions of a team to mobilize resources and talents from a variety of sources to support families in their communities. In the wraparound process, a team of people are brought together around all the components of a family’s life incorporating their history, culture, relationships, and other relevant information to address their challenges and formulate possible solutions.

Populations served are youth ages 5 through 20 who exhibit one or more of the following; Psychosis, Attention/Concentration, Impulsivity , Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Attachment Difficulties and poor Anger Control. Those who have Exposure to Potentially Traumatic/Adverse Childhood Experiences including Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Neglect, Witness to Family Violence, Community Violence, School Violence or Disruptions in Caregiving/Attachment Losses and those who have shown risk of harm in the past 6 months by one or more of the following: Aggressive or impulsive behaviors, recent excessive substance use co-occurring with a mental health diagnosis resulting in harmful behaviors with no ability of child/adolescent or family to restrict use, Clear and persistent inability, given developmental abilities, to maintain physical safety and/or use environment for safety. Current suicidal or homicidal ideation with clear, expressed intentions and/or current suicidal or homicidal ideation with history of carrying out such behavior. Youth also has a history of multiple admissions to Crisis Stabilization Units or Psychiatric hospitals and youth has not progressed or has regressed in less restrictive/intensive treatment within the past 6 months.

For all questions related to IMPACT please reach out to:
Megan Friend- IC3 Connections Coordinator
Direct Line: 229.349.6868

IC3 Referral Form

Our IC3 referral form is no longer available to be completed online. Please click the button below to download the updated form. Form submissions will need to be emailed to

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