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Intensive Outpatient Services

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Behavioral Health Crisis Center
601 West 11th Avenue
(Crisis Entrance)

It is the philosophy of Aspire that addiction is a disease, affecting physical, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of an individual’s being. Individuals receive comprehensive quality, individualized, treatment/training to develop recovery skills in the least restrictive and safe environment that will best meet their needs. This program provides individuals with addictive disorders an opportunity to establish, regain and/or enhance their level of functioning in the community as responsible, self-sustaining individuals.

SAIOP is a day service treatment program designed to provide a structured and supportive environment for recovery. Services are offered five hours a day, five days a week, Monday-Friday. The primary modality utilized is Group Counseling and Education but also included, based on individual need and preference, are: Individual Counseling and Support, Educational Activities, and an introduction to the 12-step Process.

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