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Adult Behavioral Health

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Adult Behavioral Health

Aspire Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities is a publicly-funded provider of behavioral health, and developmental disability services for Dougherty, Baker, Calhoun, Early, Lee, Miller, Terrell, and Worth counties.

Our services are the following:

Adult Outpatient Services

Individual & Group Counseling/Therapy

Aspire Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities Services provides adult outpatient clinical services for individuals age 18 and older with mental health and addictive disease needs. Individuals can be assessed to determine their specific treatment needs and preferences, including counseling (group, family, and individual).

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Medical Services

Aspire works together with you, your family, and other supportive people you choose to develop the strengths, skills, and self-determination that will allow you to live a fuller, richer life. Medication management, education, and crisis intervention services are also available.

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Accountability Court

Sometimes people with a serious mental illness and/or addictive disease make decisions that cause them to become involved with the court system. Accountability Courts integrate alcohol and other drug treatment services with the justice system. The combination of treatment and the accountability with the court, can help you avoid future Court involvement.

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Crisis Intervention/Crisis Stabilization

Aspire serves as a resource in the community providing behavioral health crisis services for individuals and their families. Our goal is to assure you receive the services you need in times of crisis, get linked to needed ongoing services, and develop a plan to prevent crises in the future.

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Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (PSR)

PSR is a recovery based program serving adults with mental illness or co-occurring mental illness and addictive disease. Provided in a group setting, PSR teaches and enhances life skills for individuals who are challenged in these areas.

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Intensive Community-Based Services

Do you find yourself frequently in a crisis situation? Does that result in having to utilize hospital or crisis stabilization services? Aspire can help you access these services and gain the skills you need to stay out of the hospital and thrive in the community.

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Peer Support

Mental Health Peer Support Services Group provides skill building and promotes recovery for individuals who suffer from severe and persistent mental health and addictive disease challenges. Individuals are equipped with the necessary social and daily living skills to allow them to remain in or return to the least restrictive setting in their own respective communities.

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