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The Change Center

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Behavioral Health Crisis Center
601 West 11th Avenue
(Crisis Entrance)

Empower Choice. Promote Change. Heal Communities.

Aspire BHDD Services is excited to launch the first Addiction Recovery Support Center here in southwest Georgia! The Change Center will be a safe environment where peers can achieve and sustain long-term recovery from substance abuse.

Our Mission

Honoring all pathways of recovery, offering hope, and reducing stigma creates a vision and a mindset that recovery is possible and available to all.

Our Vision

Empower choice. Promote change. Heal communities.

What We Do

  • An Addiction Recovery Support Center offers a set of non-clinical, peer-led activities that engage, educate and support individuals and families successfully to make life changes necessary to establish, maintain, and enhance recovery.
  • The recovery activities are community-based services that promote recovery, self-determination, self-advocacy, well-being, and independence.
  • Activities are individualized, recovery-focused, and based on a relationship that supports a person’s ability to promote their own recovery.
  • Activities include social support, linkage to and coordinating among other service providers, eliminating barriers to independence and continued recovery.