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Accountability Court

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Aspire is the Behavioral Health provider for two Accountability Courts: the Dougherty County Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Court and the Pataula Accountability Court serves follow a model to assist offenders, through comprehensive supervision, drug testing, treatment services, and immediate sanctions and incentives. Accountability Court offers individuals facing criminal charges an opportunity to enter a recovery program in lieu of straight jail time. Aspire’s Accountability Court program brings the full weight of a team (judges, prosecutors, defense counsel, substance abuse treatment specialists, probation officers, law enforcement, correctional officers, educators, vocational specialists, community leaders, and others) into the fold, a assisting the participant with his or her substance dependence problem from every possible angle. Together, this team provides oversight for administration of all clinical services and case determinations. The goal of everyone on the team is for you to recover so that you can avoid future legal charges. The requirements of Accountability Court are strict because the road to recovery is not easy. A participant is tested frequently, must attend substance abuse recovery meetings, and make regular court appearances in order to abide by the requirements of Accountability Court.

Accountability Courts can often save thousands of taxpayer dollars while at the same time allowing you to get the help you really need. These programs follow the “no wrong door” philosophy by offering the courtroom as an entry to services. Our Accountability Court Programs involve intensive treatment, case management, and community supervision. If you choose to participate, you are held accountable for your behaviors in immediate, practical, and supportive ways.

Aspire has two separate Accountability Courts. The Dougherty Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Court serves Dougherty County. There are 3 separate tracks for this court : Addictive Disease, Mental Health and Co-Occurring.

The Pataula Accountability Court has two locations. One is located in Cuthbert, Georgia and serves Randolph, Quitman, Clay, and Terrell Counties. The other location is located in Blakely, Georgia and serves Early, Miller, and Seminole Counties.

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