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Albany Area Community Service Board

As a public, non-profit organization, Aspire Behavioral Health and Developmental Disability Services ( also known as Albany Area Community Service Board) is governed by a Board of Directors. Board members are appointed by the respective county commission, and each county has one representative that serves a 3-year term. Counties are eligible for additional members if their population is 100,000. One additional member from Dougherty, Early, and Terrell Counties is also appointed by the Board to address the variation in financial contributions of those counties. The board members govern the provision of disability services within the boundaries of the community service board. Each board member is appointed by their county commission to serve a 3-year term.

Current Board Members:

Evera Moye


Irene Bush

Vice Chairperson

Pam Conner

Board Member

Richard Ware, Jr.

Board Member

Leonard Minter

Board Member

Dr. Eugene Sherman

Board Member

Michael Fowler

Board Member

Spencer Mueller

Board Member

Mike Sabot

Board Member

Cindy Spears

Board Member

Judge Joe C. Bishop

Board Member

Dianne Wimes

Board Member

Dan Miller

Board Member

Dr. Jonathan Williams

Medical Director

Board Meetings

Board meetings are bi-monthly and are open to the public. For information about meeting times and locations, past meeting minutes, or to request to speak at a meeting, please contact Babs Hall, Corporate Compliance Officer.

Babs Hall: 229-430-4005 or email