Monday – “Acceptance”

Much of the time we are all waiting to be accepted for something. Though when do we stop and start accepting ourselves for who we really are? Of course, a mental diagnosis does not define us in any way. However, we must accept that a mental diagnosis is present in order to move forward. When we start accepting ourselves in our truest form, we then forget about what the outside world has to say about our diagnosis because it then becomes irrelevant. Some may think that accepting a mental diagnosis is a very shameful act because we like to shy away from the problem. Therefore, we ignore our symptoms when something goes wrong, and we ignore the fact that there is something wrong. How do you accept yourself? To accept yourself for who you really are is to love yourself for going through what you’ve went through. It is not at all easy to live a life sober or without frustration. It is, however, prominent to go forth in life when you acknowledge those challenging moments as victories. Accept your life so that you can grow with life.

Tuesday – “Healing”

How do we begin to heal when all we acknowledge is the hurt that has happened in our life? Start with your desires. What gets you up in the morning and what keeps you going throughout the day? There’s nothing wrong with remembering the hurt that you have experience because ultimately that is what molds you into the person you are. Although the hurt does not go away at the drop of a dime, it does begin to chip away the more you move forward with your desire to prosper. Sometimes it’s hard to get up in the morning. Then what? Well, then you take to some therapeutic ways that may help you heal such as journaling, talking it out, yelling it out, singing, running, or even playing soft melodies. Therapy ranges from person to person, but it doesn’t mean that it does not have to work. Anything can happen if you want it to happen. What makes healing from past times so great is the time you give back to yourself from all of what you missed from your life. You then begin to do the things that you enjoy and live out your fullest potential.

Wednesday – “Responsibility”

When do we stop blaming others for our diagnosis and take responsibility for our diagnosis? For most of us, it is important that we take our medications, see the doctor, and go to therapy. Therefore, why don’t we go or do just those things? It is because we have not fully taken responsibility of what our mental health means to us. Especially when you are just being diagnosed with a mental illness, you would want to take your medication because your prescribed medication is what is going to keep you on the right track of mind. We all go through stages in our mental health where it is not easy to get through life, but no one said you had to get through it alone. The more you take responsibility for what has happened, the more you are willing to deal with life’s challenges and its bumps in the road. Start with saying to yourself: How fun was it to be in the hospital away from my family for an extensive period? I hope your answer was not fun at all. No one wants to go through crisis and be stuck in the hospital alone right? Therefore, does it really hurt to do what is best for you? The goal in life is to be the best version of yourself that you could possibly be, and you can only do that with positive behavior.

Thursday – “Neglect”

Making the effort towards a healthy state of mind means to pay close attention to all warning signs. The fact of the matter is when you stop giving yourself the needed attention to better your health, you neglect your ability to control, defeat, and tackle the things that are not sitting right with you. Of course, it takes practice to be able to manage a healthy mind. Although having mental instabilities may take some time to get use to, it does not mean that it is impossible to manage. Taking the steps towards a greater mind happens when you accept the challenges that you face, and you have the desire to want to change for the better. Sometimes we neglect our health accidently, and it is when we are in a fragile state that we begin to then do something about it. Well, how do we know when something is off with our mental health? What are the signs? It usually start when you become easily angered, snapping at everything and everyone, and when you become restless with loosing sleep. These are just a few signs to understand when a problem is at hand. Here’s how we start to adjust and correct what is wrong. One thing above all is to talk through your challenges or find a positive outlet to take your mind off of things that go wrong. Talking with someone whether it be a friend, teacher, or a counselor, can help you define and eliminate the stressors in your life. Remember you are not alone in your mental health, so don’t fret when times become tough. You will get through this!

Friday – “Passion”

Finding your hidden talents or everyday passions in life can help you discover new things about yourself. Loving yourself for what you bring to the table is the ultimate goal, when trying to stay positive in an unforgiving world sometimes. It helps when you stop comparing other people’s abilities to yours. Your life was design for you only, so it’s best to take the lemons that life gives and make great lemonade. The end goal is for you to accept yourself for who you are and what you are cable of doing. How do you find a passion? Start with what you are good at and go from there. Some of the things you may can explore would be drawing, singing, skateboarding, sports, writing, or even cooking. Whichever it is that interest you most in life, you should definitely continue with doing it. A lot of times your hidden talents can be therapeutic to any troubling situation. It keeps you going and moving forward in life. Even if no one else may understand your passion or why you chose a specific hobby, all that matters is that you are comfortable with expressing yourself in that manner. The moment you give yourself credit for what you can do, is the moment you stop doubting yourself for what you can’t do.